Tri-Balls Incentive Spirometer


Tri-balls incentive spirometer is a breathing exerciser that is a flow-oriented device that indirectly indicates the patient’s inspired volume. It can help strengthen respiratory musculature and help restore and maintain lung capacity by encouraging slow, deep breathing.

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-The incentive spirometer is for the patient with damaged lung function due to pulmonary disease, surgery, anesthesia, or mechanical ventilation.
-The higher capacity of alveolus oxygen-absorbing and improving the breathing /bloodstream ratio.
-Atelectasis prevention, and easier for phlegm discharging.
-Strengthen exercise of the diaphragm and respiratory muscle through inhalation training.
-Compact, easy to carry.
-Three-ball design to make the training interesting.
-Segmented training, increasing confidence in the rehabilitation of patients.
-Product Size: 14m*7cm*14cm


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