breast milk freezer bags

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For hygienic freezing of breast milk. (Pack: 20 units)

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  • Integrated closure
  • The milk can be poured out again without spilling.
  • Safe stand
  • Space-savin
  • Made from polyethylene → , odorless, tearproof, durable
  • With scaling, it can be labeled.

NOTES: Breast milk is rich in nutrients that babies need for their healthy development.
To keep the milk healthy, you should observe the following storage times:

    • 2-3 hours unchilled
    • 48 hours in a fridge
    • 2 weeks in the freezing compartment of a fridge.
    • 3 months in a freezer (at the bottom/back)
    • 6 months in a chest freezer
    • Do not defrost frozen breast milk in the microwave!


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