EZ Read Jamar Goniometer 20cm (8″)

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Manual Goniometer

The EZ Read Jamar Goniometer is a manual medical goniometer designed to measure the range of motion and dexterity in small joints. The simple design enables easy patient measurements. Use to measure the range of motion, movement improvements, and dysfunction in patients. The EZ Read Jamar Goniometer is excellent for patients that have difficulties bending and flexing joints and are participating in a rehab and recovery program.

Varying Size Options

With varying size options, the EZ Read Jamar Goniometer is excellent for measuring patients of all sizes. The transparent plastic with clear marking is easy to read and encourages accurate measurements. Goniometers of different sizes are needed for measuring a variety of body parts. Use to measure fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. EZ Read Jamar Goniometers are available in sizes that range from 6” to 12.5.” This range matches the needs of all healthcare professionals in clinical environments.


Jamar has been the gold standard in hand and grip strength evaluation for over 40 years. Trusted by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and certified hand therapists, Jamar comes from the original Sammons Preston family of products. If you are looking for a simple solution, the traditional Jamar hand dynamometer with an analog gauge provides a cost-effective alternative. Used to develop the original normative grip strength data, the Jamar can be trusted over lower quality imitators. If accuracy and technology are important to you, the Jamar Plus is the first choice with digital load sensors and automatic calculations of average grip strength and standard deviations. For the clinician looking for optimal ease of use, the Jamar Smart is mobile ready with a wireless app that makes testing and outputting grip strength results simple on a tablet. Also, from the Jamar line are a wide range of manual and digital goniometers used to measure joints’ angle to assess progress during therapy. The Jamar monofilaments test sensation through the skin for a variety of standard therapeutic evaluation techniques.

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  • Transparent, manual goniometer made to measure a patient’s range of motion in both inches and centimeters.
  • Standard physical therapy protractor measuring tool that provides accurate ROM readings of fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles
  • Measurements range from 6” to 12.5” to match healthcare professionals’ needs in clinics, rehabs, and hospitals.
  • Excellent for measuring rehab and physical therapy improvements and dysfunction in patients with difficulty bending and flexing
  • The scale reads 0° to 180° and 0° to 360° in 1° increment


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