Rolyan Semi-Circular Peg Board

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Semi-Circular Peg Board

The Rolyan Semi-Circular Peg Board is designed to extend the user’s upper extremity range of motion and coordination, strength, and endurance. The physical therapy tool also helps the user with both gross and fine motor skills. Brightly colored red, white, and blue pegs will help enhance both visual and cognitive skills.

Rehabilitates the Upper Extremities

Picking up the small pegs and placing them into the various holds on the pegboard will improve hand and finger dexterity, strengthen and stretch weakened muscles, and help with flexibility. The three tired pegboards will hold 43 pegs of three different diameters and two different lengths. The diameters of the pegs measure ¼”, ½” and ⅝” round and are available in lengths measuring 1” or 3-¾”.

Ideal for At-Home Physical Therapy

The semi-circular pegboard is designed for individuals with hand injuries, neurological involvement, or orthopedic injuries. There is a center storage compartment with a tightly closed cover to hold all of the pegs when not in use and is ideal for transporting for physical therapeutic home visits. The pegboard is constructed with durable material and can be easily cleaned and sanitized for multiple uses.

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  • Pegboard with three tiers holds 43 brightly colored pegs of different diameters and lengths to improve visual and cognitive skills.
  • Designed to help rehabilitate the upper extremities of the user while focusing on his wrist, hands, and fingers
  • Constructed with durable material and can be easily cleaned and sanitized for multiple uses
  • With dimensions 26″ L x 14″ W x 2″ H and a weight of 4.81 lbs, the pegboard has a center storage compartment for peg storage and easy transport.
  • Pegs are of various sized diameters (1/4″, 1/2″, and 5/8″) and two different lengths (1″ and 3-3/4″).


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